by I Legion

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released September 11, 2015

Mixed and mastered by Jon Howard at Woodward Studios

Chris Clancy recorded at AudioWorks (UK)
Sabine Scherer and Sebastian Reichl recorded at Slaughter's Palace (GER)
Acoustic guitars recorded by Jay Menard at Rising Sound Studios (CAN)

Album artwork by Fabien Gagnon
Cover model and photography : Diana DiHaze



all rights reserved


I Legion Québec

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Track Name: Sirens
(Music : F. Riverin / Lyrics : F. Riverin)

Another night evading a fever I need to kill
Drowning the sorrow, waiting for the thrill
I am the only one inside – inside
Burying my past for a moment by your side

If only that flame was here for me
Leeching the air until I can’t breathe
Moments of bliss passed in silence
Locked in that place until they ring the sirens

Tell me you will stay that you wont go away
Say you’ll haunt me down and remember my name

My heart is lost, broke and ripped apart, I will
Cover my eyes making just compromises I will

All hope is gone

I’m here pretending I’ll feel anything
If you read my lips the words tell the opposite
I’m not the only one inside
I’ll stand here and stare, too broke to fly, to weak to dare

I reach to your hand, trying to break the distance
Feeding the void to cover my ignorance
All my ideals always have been the same
Here in that place I just battle in vain
Track Name: Exhale
(Music : F. Riverin / Lyrics : C. Clancy)

I could never tell you all the things that have been heavy on my mind
These memories confined
Oh please don’t tell me that I’ve lost my way when it’s all about my life
A life I want survive

Don’t tell me now
Does my world stop spinning

What you gonna do when it all seems far away
You're reaching out for something to save you
What would you say if it all just slipped away
You're holding on for something to save you now

Can't breathe, can't feel
Some things were never real
I'll bleed for you, I'll heal you
We'll see this through
Until the end

How can I reach you, with distance growing all the time
When we’re living in a lie
This is our last kiss and I wont be ever turning back
Wont give it a try
Track Name: Hollow
(Music : F. Riverin / Lyrics : V. Boyer)

Shadows surrounding
Threatening voices
Was this all just a dream
My reality fades away

As I lose my sanity
I follow the trace you carved in me
The path once clear has faded
For we were cursed to begin with

Oh, the storm in my soul
The calm in your eyes
Pure morning light
We mourned, you lied

And while I grieve, drawing from darkness
Drum-like memories from left alone melodies
It cries nocturnes of this summer night
Puts me slowly to sleep, melancholy

Once touched, turned, doomed
Swallow my pride, my head held high
Numbing my pain, my heart, a tomb
Fighting to breath beneath thick waters
I slowly drown as I scream for you
The ocean waves, my new tethers
Oh, did he ever know my name?

Alone, I fight
scorching remaining fantasies
Have we ever existed
How can I numb my heart
Track Name: Perfect Paradise
When the hope was over
suddenly I saw two golden eyes

flooded with magic light

And then the world stopped turning
there was no gravity
the time didn´t go by

The obstacles we left behind
made me strong
And now I´ve learnt to ease my mind
to take control

Even in my best dreams
I could have built
such an absolute being

Cause you are the only thing that´s real
a true exception
my only and sole mainstay

you are a true exception, my only and sole mainstay

Together we´ll design a perfect paradise that binds us
forever till the end of times
don´t worry if there´s no light cause we´ll be eternally incandescent
Track Name: Pleiona
(Music : F. Riverin / Lyrics : F. Riverin)

I count the the days, the time, the hours
Since you are gone
This game is cruel, I did know the rules
Was I really aware
I seize your charms, didn't need more time
To fall for you
In your distant gaze I don't find my place
You will forget

I may be another soul that you'll leave here in decay
I'll be alright despite being a mistake that you made

In this world being left undone
Is not so wrong
Will I make it through doesn't bother you
As long as you feel alright
If there’s a place for the broken hearts, mine will belong
In despair I’ll find an old friend of mine
I’m not new to this world

I may be another soul that you'll leave here in decay
I'll be alright despite being a mistake that you made

Nothing last forever
In your silence there’s no together
Track Name: Black Scarlet
(Music : F. Riverin / Lyrics : F. Riverin)

The cold hard truth I'm learning
Walk into a closed door once more
I'm trapped inside nowhere to hide
I know I'm just another guy A page to burn, I just waste away

Burning. Choking. All these lives you're taking
Swallowed by the storm
Watching. Feeling. All these hopes you're draining
I'm not yours anymore

I will watch, I will learn that once touched you're burnt

And now I see your heart Black Scarlet
I will leave this lair where your monsters hide
All you feel inside is hatred
You're controlled by fear of being left behind

Black Scarlet

An internal damnation
Where no emotions are allowed to be shown
No shadow's cast when your radiance hides in the darkness of your eyes
A mirage of the darkest times

Bleeding. Healing. All these thoughts are fading
Take me back time
Fighting. Breaking. on these words I'm writing
From these wounds I should rise

Disappearing time
I'll bury deep in my mind
A silence inside my chest
Moments I’ll never witness

A lost soul searching for redemption
Reveals my inner obsessions
I embraced the darkness of her soul
Track Name: Grieving For You
(Music : F. Riverin / Lyrics : A. O’Hara)

I must ask why a reason for my melancholy
I mute the cries the longing for your resurgence
And I’d do anything to hold your hand for one last time.
There was a knowing in your eyes the day you walked away.
Can’t help but feel there is a truth you’d rather hide from me

To know you can’t disclose to me
leaves me wading through inadequacy
I would have been by your side for eternity.

I’ll make the most of all that i’m given
& hope that i’ll change the world again.
I wish you a safe journey to heaven,
and a chance you rest in my arms again.

I can’t proceed with the knowledge that you felt
you couldn’t come to me for every discrepancy
I’m replaying the whole scenario to find some peace.
You need to know there’s not a thing I wouldn’t do for you.
And now i know you were protecting me from the cold truth.

But why think I can’t hold this weight,
but in lieu of, push me towards hate?
I wanna be by your side and subdue this pain.

I’ll make the most of all that i’m given
& hope that i’ll change the world again.
I wish you a safe journey to heaven,
and a chance you rest in my arms again.

And I’m dwelling, grieving for you again.
Track Name: Damage Done
(Music : F. Riverin / Lyrics : A. O’Hara, S. Scherer, S. Reichl)

This is the night of a thousand stars
And I'm wondering where you are
I should be with you, and you used to see this too
We got lost along the way
We were never meant to break
Is this fate or have we failed to make it?

Once again we're not united as one.
We broke ourselves before the damage is done
The void you left when you took our love and ran
Left me here hanging undone

You said an heart is such a strange thing
Mine did break when you were gone
What if our hearts were already broken
Long before the damage done

This is the night of a thousand stars
And I wonder how you are
I'm alone tonight, wishing I could be with you
I got lost along the way, I was never meant to break
Is this fate or have I failed to make it

No one knows if they will beat again
Love is such a strange thing