Beyond Darkness

by I Legion

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SkullcrusherVC Great Melodic Death Metal with vocals from Chris Clancy and others! A favorite of mine that I had to wait a while to finally buy, but it was worth the wait to listen to all the awesome songs! \m/ Favorite track: Faithless (feat. Chris Clancy).
lee evans
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lee evans love melodic metal with great vocals and in Chris Clancy this album has one of the best. other vocals are great too. and Andy James is on it too. Favorite track: Dead Inside (feat. Chris Clancy).
Ola Larsson
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Ola Larsson This is how melodeath shall sound. Catchy riffs, macho-verses and hauntingly beautiful choruses. And if that was not enough to earn my praise, it also features one of my favorite metal-singers, Björn Strid. Therefore it was reaally hard to choose a favorite song, cause they're all just soo good. Easily one of the best melodic death-albums of 2012, if not of all time, in my opinion. Very good work mr. Riverin, you're a mastermind! Favorite track: Signs From Above (feat. Björn Strid).
Alexey Shlimovich
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Alexey Shlimovich All star roster. What more is needed? Favorite track: Beyond Darkness (feat. Björn Strid).
Alexandre Desroches
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Alexandre Desroches Big project ! Featuring members of Soilwork(Strid an Witchers) , Mutiny Within(Clancy and Jacobs) , Threat Signal(Jon Howard) and some guitar heroes(Andy James is an exemple) . This album is a nice headbanging metal album with good performences by the musicians . Bravo Frederic ! Favorite track: Dead Inside (feat. Chris Clancy).
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I Legion is the musical work of Frederic Riverin, who shaped and wrote all the songs in fall 2011, at his home in Quebec. Helped by friend producer and vocalist Chris Clancy (ex-Mutiny Within), they both crafted these recordings into a melodic metal machine. Metal giants Bjorn Strid (Soilwork), Jon Howard (Threat Signal) and Chris himself took the vocal duties and put their touch and talent over the 13 songs of the album.

I Legion also features modern guitar heroes Andy James (Sacred Mother Tongue), Peter Wichers (Soilwork), Angel Vivaldi and Brandon Jacobs (Mutiny Within) on the lead guitars for tasteful and melodic solos.

All these musicians helped Frederic to create his own album: alone, but with a legion behind him. The I LEGION.


released September 17, 2012

Music recorded in Chicoutimi, QC in June and July 2012

Vocals on track # 4, 7 and 10 recorded at Woodward Ave Studios, Hamilton, ON
Vocals on track # 3, 6, 8, 11 and 13, recorded at Chris Clancy Audioworks Studios, in Blackpool – UK
Vocals on track # 2, 5, 9 and 12 , recorded in Toronto, ON

Mixed and mastered by Chris Clancy at Chris Clancy Audioworks Studios, in Blackpool - UK

Album artwork by Alexander Lean
I Legion logo by Gustavo Sazes

Music: F. Riverin, C. Clancy

Despite Your Grace
Music: F. Riverin / Lyrics: B. Strid

Beyond Darkness
Music: F. Riverin / Lyrics: F. Riverin

A World So Black
Music: F. Riverin / Lyrics: F. Riverin

Deceive the light
Music: F. Riverin / Lyrics: F. Riverin

Dead Inside
Music: F. Riverin / Lyrics: C. Clancy

Search For I
Music: F. Riverin / Lyrics: F. Riverin

Night Calls
Music: F. Riverin / Lyrics: F. Riverin, C. Clancy

Music: F. Riverin / Lyrics: F. Riverin

Escape As Deliverance
Music: F. Riverin / Lyrics: F. Riverin

Signs From Above
Music: F. Riverin, A. James / Lyrics: F. Riverin

We Will Fight
Music: F. Riverin / Lyrics: F. Riverin

Love Is A Battlefield
Music and lyrics : Holly Knight and Mike Chapman
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